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Mobile Wireless Lighting Control with Art-Net

for all your F&V panels

Integrate any supported wireless light into an Art-Net network and control it with your mobile device and a professional grade lighting control app like Luminair 3 or any other Art-Net compatible app.

FVRTX icon-02.png

Art-Net compatible

FVRTX icon-01.png

Supports Luminair 3

FVRTX icon-04.png

Up to 512 Devices

FVRTX icon-03.png

FX through DMX

FVRTX icon-05.png

Save Scenes and Sequences

FVRTX icon-06.png

Sound to Light

High Transmission Power for Maximum Reach

With two antennas and a strong build-in battery the RTX1 offers unparalleled transmission power and can control lights up to 30m away from the router.


30 m


Compact and Rugged

Protected by an aluminum housing the RTX1 is rugged and lightweight at the same time. With its compact dimensions the RTX1 nevers gets in the way.

Compact and Rugged_FV.png

Lanyard or Magnetic Attachment

With the included lanyard you can easily carry the RTX1 around your neck, so that it’s always in close proximity to your mobile device running any ArtNet compatible APP. If you don’t want to carry the router around you can also attach it with its built-in magnet to any magnetic surface like metal housings.

Lanyard or Magnetic AttachmentFV.png

Built-In Battery + USB Power

The build-in lithium-ion battery lasts for up to 20 hours and can easily be recharge by connecting the RTX1 with the included USB cable to any USB port providing 5V. In a fixed environment you can also power the RTX1 permanently via the USB port.

Built-In Battery + USB PowerFV.png

Features Supported by iOS App Luminair 3

FX Library

Use built-in effects like …(check in the app what effects are built-in)... to control your lights.

FX LibraryFV.png

Luminair 3 designed by and copyright Synthe FX

DMX FX Engine

With the Oscillator you can generate powerful effects yourself. Different shapes allow everything from gentle fades to on/off steps and more.

Luminair 3 designed by and copyright Synthe FX

DMX FX Engine_FV.png

Scenes & Sequences

Create and recall lighting setups and switch easily between them. Built sequences from the scenes you created and animate your lighting easily.

Scenes & Sequences_FV.png

Luminair 3 designed by and copyright Synthe FX

Color Selector

Easily select the color you want by HSI with the color picker.

Luminair 3 designed by and copyright Synthe FX

Color Selector_FV.png

Sound Input & Tap Tempo

Use audio/microphone input or Inter-App audio directly from other IAA-capable apps to control sequence playback. Tap to the beat with Luminair's tempo playback control. Great for when you want a steady rhythm triggering scene changes and fades.

Sound Input & Tap Tempo_fv.png

Luminair 3 designed by and copyright Synthe FX

Features Supported by Android App Art-Net Controller R09


Use cuelists with many options to loop, wait time, tap tempo on loop mode, jumps and others.

Art-Net TM Designed by and Copyright Artistic Licence Holdings Ltd


Visual Control

Set colors and values visually with color choosers and faders for quick and easy adjustments.

Art-Net TM Designed by and Copyright Artistic Licence Holdings Ltd

Visual Control_FV.png
>  RTX-1 Datasheet, English (PDF)
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